Baking our own little bun!

That’s right – there’s a little bun baking right inside of me!

We couldn’t be any more excited, and so happy that we can now be sharing this news with friends and family! When that pregnancy test became positive, I couldn’t believe it and had get B. to come into bathroom to confirm it for me and make sure I wasn’t seeing things (it was early in the morning).

We knew about the high miscarriage rates in the early weeks, so we tried (like, really tried) to be calm about it and that was soooo hard.

Friends and family are super excited for us. However, there was one particular hard day for me – you know those days where negative thoughts course through your head and seem to take a hold of you. Worries about everything that needed to happen pre-baby, mixed with worries about how to juggle everything post-baby came uncorked inside me. It was a tough day and I felt lonely. However, when I looked down at my phone in the late afternoon that day, I had 2 messages for me – one was from my mom telling me about my aunt who is halfway across the world had already started baby clothes shopping (attached with pictures of cute little outfits). The other message is from a friend asking if we would like to have their old bassinet. It seemed like God was reminding me to be grateful for the things and people around me – friends and family who care for us and are thinking of us.Β  After all, he’s the one who blessed us with this amazing gift in me!!


Pregnancy Statistics:

Week: 18

Baby is the size of: Sweet Potato!

Symptoms: Not much, except for headaches from time to time. And lightheadedness/dizziness. Our midwife tells me to drink lots more, especially since I have super low blood pressure (so low that she hasn’t seen a reading that low). I’m super glad the first trimester is over; that was all about being tired, extra hungry and nauseous. Naps were my favorite thing then, and the couch was my bestest friend.

Things I miss: Running my long distance. It’s getting uncomfortable to run much so I’m doing a mix of running and walking now. I’m also finishing up my 8-week prenatal exercise classΒ  (sidenote: my arms are getting buff and ready to carry that baby!)

Things I look forward to: Getting more of a baby bump. I’m still at that awkward phase where my tummy is only slightly larger, so it is ambiguous whether I’m pregnant or just ate a big meal. And feeling the baby move!






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